Meet the hearts behind it all

"If you can change one life for the better, then you have done your job"

           Mary Notman, Co-Founder


Robert and Mary Notman founded KidzCare Tanzania with a big vision and even bigger hearts. Through their collective experience in childhood education, fundraising and non-profit management, the power couple set up KidzCare in 2000.

They were passionate about two things:

  1. every child needs a home and a family
  2. education is the key to a bright future

In 2000, they rented a small house in one of Dar es Salaam's neediest neighborhoods and worked with local social works to find kids that were a) orphaned, b) had parents that were unable to support them or c) that had illnesses/disabilities that could not be treated in their hometown. Their 6-child home soon grew to 24. In the past 18 years they have waved off kids to university, teachers college and technical school and welcomed new smiling faces with open arms.

Since 2000, they have expanded their geographical and program breadth, opening 7 rainbow schools across the country to give Tanzania's brightest young minds free and accessible pre-school education. In rural areas where they have no running water, no power and maybe have never seen a mazungu (foreigner), the children do not have access to pre 1st grade education. So when a child starts school they already start behind. The Notmans wanted to change that for 500+ children a year.

Every day they are changing lives, and they are able to be on the ground because of incredible partnerships that make it happen.

Meet the Team

Meet our change makers.

Mwanguka Malinji

Project Manager


Every organization needs a Mwanguka. He is our lead project manager, accountant, driver, negotiator and all around superhero.

This new dad is the backbone of KidzCare and keeps the operations running.



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